Flexible proposals


SKfine-ness is the ability to develop flexible proposals that meet your needs. There are two meanings to this.

The first is to speedily deliver raw materials and other materials, such as fine chemicals, that match current needs, at competitive costs and quality.

And the second is to to respond to rare orders and requests of small amounts. We have proven to be strong partners to those who want to minimize risks during the trial and prototype stage. We will also continue to provide unavailable rare materials and raw materials through our global networks.

The types of global partners that SKfine is seeking


We welcome the following information:

  • chemical compounds, raw materials, and intermediaries that you want to sell in Japan
  • chemical compounds, raw materials, and intermediaries that you can manufacture
  • Laboratories that can produce prototypes of new chemical compounds
  • Research facilities that can undertake basic research
  • Partners that want to purchase reliable chemical products from Japan
  • Partners that want to purchase SKfine’s original fire retardant
  • Partners that want to undertake the manufacturing of SKfine’s original fire retardant

SKfine proposals

Our strengths are the proposals corroborated by years of research development and profound expertise, a broad view of the world, and our speedy and precise response to clients. With much added value, we offer considerable satisfaction to our clients.