Global Network

With our trustworthy global partners, from the World to Japan, from Japan to the World.


SKFine not only supplies raw materials and has manufacturing bases, but is also affiliated with many research development and test laboratories, in mainly Singapore, China, and India.

Our strength is to be able to respond quickly and precisely to niche requests. We also have a growing global system that is able to take on orders and development requests in small amounts.

In finding partners abroad, it is SKFine’s consistent policy to be “hands-on”. If we find a suitable partner, our staff will travel to the spot and use all five senses in checking employee work methods, their knowledge, and the factory’s operational status, without sparing any effort. If it is a research facility, we hold in-depth discussions with the front-line staff and researchers to grasp areas they are strong in and establish a partnership.

This makes it possible for us to accurately meet your expectations and needs.

Also, we are expanding into the business of introducing and exporting chemical products developed in Japan, starting with our original fire retardant and pharmaceutical intermediate, to various countries in Southeast Asia, where continued economic growth and infrastructure development is advancing at a rapid rate.

The types of global partners that SKFine is seeking

  • Partners that provide us raw materials and be an intermediate manufacturer, at good quality and competitive prices
  • partners that manufacture prototypes, such as chemical compounds, in small amounts
  • partners that conduct reliable basic research in a research facility
  • partners that want to import chemical products from Japan
  • partners that want to import SKFine’s original fire retardant
  • partners that want to manufacture SKFine’s original fire retardant

SKfine proposals

Our strengths are the proposals corroborated by years of research development and profound expertise, a broad view of the world, and our speedy and precise response to clients. With much added value, we offer considerable satisfaction to our clients.