As a business in the chemical industry, the SKfine company strives to operate with the policy of careful consideration of its effects on the global environment and on future generations.

<Five Mission Statements>

  1. Our company activities are assessed with regards to their impact on both humans and the environment. Our employees all share this concept of environmental management so that we can create propositions and develop products in the best way possible for both parties.

  2. We are always aware of and compliant with the latest environmental laws and regulations.

  3. We share this sense of awareness not only in our own company but also with our clients and under this cooperative framework, we strive to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution.

  4. We seek to spread this environmental awareness not only to our employees but to their families as well, and with their understanding and cooperation, we can make an effort to better the environment starting close to home.

  5. We seek to make our environmental policies and efforts known to the public at large.


SKfine proposals

Our strengths are the proposals corroborated by years of research development and profound expertise, a broad view of the world, and our speedy and precise response to clients. With much added value, we offer considerable satisfaction to our clients.