Original products

At our company , the producing and distributing of an original fire-retardant that adapts to plastic and is used mainly for electric products and the wheels of vehicles, is possible. First, feel free to casually contact us. We will make the best suggestions for you, based on your intended purpose and goals, as quickly as possible.


SKfine’s original fire-retardant is a high molecule type, and centers around an environment-adaptive brominated oligomer. After over 40 years of path-breaking research development, molecular weight distribution that is adaptive to plastic is now possible. As a fire-retardant that has superb adaptation to different kinds of material and takes into consideration inflicting less harm on the environment, the maximization of the possibilities of the bromine, and the the holding down of the negative aspects to a smallest possible degree is achieved. A distribution project to Asian countries, whose construction and infrastructure will make rapid progress in the near future, is starting.



SKfine proposals

Our strengths are the proposals corroborated by years of research development and profound expertise, a broad view of the world, and our speedy and precise response to clients. With much added value, we offer considerable satisfaction to our clients.