Mastering and spreading.

Improvement and progress are essentials for chemicals, corporations and economies


S.K.Fine supports valued clients with global suppliers’ networks and outstanding and experienced skills and knowledges of chemicals.

“Your company always has been doing something interesting.” We are often offered this comment, and we regard it is the most precious compliment for S.K.Fine.

We believe that the reasons behind our “interesting-ness” are our unique proposals and our global points of view.

Simply distributing requested materials would make us a normal trading company that acts as a broker. On the contrary, we have been constantly conscious of better and value added proposals that will bring better results, happiness and satisfaction to our clients.

S.K. Fine company was founded in 1995, and with the accumulation of research developments and past achievements of the founders as a base, we began our enterprise as an advisor for medium-sized chemistry companies, providing expert technique and knowledge. Since then, in addition to “expertise” , a vertical axis, we widened a horizontal axis, “globalism” , and are continuing to gain results and trust as a coordinator that connects Japan with the world. We are not a simple connector in this process as well. With flexible proposals and response capabilities, we always pay enough attentions to every detail of customers’ requests.

In addition, we provide our original fire retardants for which we have spent over 40 years for developments and improvements to the world. All of us are aiming to the great goal to become the top brand of fire retardants.

“All the staffs should lead the company as managers. We will realize our dreams through the growth of the company.” This is our philosophy, and we will never stop challenging to expand the status quo of chemistry with spirits of pioneers.

We will continue to make efforts so that we can share happiness with our clients and business partners worldwide.

President Katsuaki Matsushima

Chairman Hiromi Kochi


SKfine proposals

Our strengths are the proposals corroborated by years of research development and profound expertise, a broad view of the world, and our speedy and precise response to clients. With much added value, we offer considerable satisfaction to our clients.